Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Commands For Process Management

There are many tasks running at any given moment on a RedHat Server. These tasks are known as processes.


When the server boots, many processes are started to provide services on the computer. These are known as daemons. A daemon is a process which is started in the background and provides a service on the server.

Why Do Processes Need Managing

If a process is not responding properly, you may need to send it a specific signal.

Or if a system is busy, it can be helpful to get an overview of the system to see what it is doing.

Useful commands for process management are:

psUsed to show all current processes
killUsed to send signals to processes, such as asking or forcing a process to stop.
pstreeUsed to get an overview of all processes, including the relationship between parent and child processes.
killallUsed to kill all processes, based on the name of the process
topUsed to get an overview of current system activity.

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