Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Installing Apache on Red Hat 6

Like most other things in Red Hat, Apache can be quickly and easily set up using the package manager. The process is simple. The only thing to remember is that the package and the service are not called Apache, but httpd.

Install Apache

Open a root shell
su -
Install the Apache web server:
yum -y install httpd
Configure the system to start Apache at boot
chkconfig httpd on
Start the Apache web server:
service httpd start

Test the Apache Installation

To test, copy and paste the following into /var/www/html/index.html:
<title>Dougie&#39;s Linux Hints Test Web Page</title>
This is a test Web Page.

Save the file. Then, still from the root shell, run the command:
elinks http://localhost
This will access the webpage created above, proving the web server is up and running.

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